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Welcome to Mycologue - the internet mushroom shop.

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Mushroom chopping board
Silver cufflinks
Mushroom holidays in France
Mushroom hunter's knives

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Special terms and conditions of sale for mushroom-growing products
Mushroom-growing products are guaranteed to be vigorous, contaminant-free and capable of producing mushrooms under appropriate conditions. However mushroom cultivation depends on a wide range of variables and climatic conditions beyond our control. Successful mushroom production cannot be guaranteed but in the event of a problem our supplier will gladly advise and if neccessary replace. We regret that no refunds can be given.

As a purchaser ordering mushroom-growing products from Mycologue, you release Mycologue, its employees or associates from all liability associated with the use of the products. You take full responsibility for the proper handling, use, location, safety and disposal of all purchases.

Care should be taken in the siting of the fruiting mushrooms. Some people are allergic to mushrooms or mushroom spores and others can become sensitised by high concentrations of spores. In general avoid confined or poorly ventilated spaces for fruiting areas and pick the mushrooms before the cap is fully unrolled.

You must always positively identify any mushroom you pick before consumption.